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The Living Alphabet

The Living Alphabet
Welk, Angeline

This book includes Techniques, Intentions, and Mantras!

Now more than ever, cursive handwriting needs to be included in our curriculum of evolution because appropriate cursive maintains neurological connections, establishes new pathways to receive higher frequencies of knowledge, and activates latent regions of the brain that transmit through the whole physiological design. In addition, each letter in the alphabet is a channel to activate for specific wisdom and knowledge within the individual and collective mindspirit. When we resonate with each letter, we become part of its directive consciousness to be expressed in this physical reality. We attain this resonance as we mindfully write the letters, allowing their spiritual rays to activate within us the extended consciousness of the Infinite Mind that each represents. Divine attainment is coded within the alphabet. Students of all ages can progress beautifully in consciousness through cursive writing and alphabet studies.

This book is composed of two parts:

  • The first includes articles that appeared in the Sedona Journal of Emergence! about each letter. Following each article is a guide on how to form that letter and a mantra to use as you trace it.
  • The second part is a workbook with exercises designed to increase your connection to your true being and the universe.
11 x 8.5
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