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Welk, Angeline

Angeline Welk has been working with handwriting analysis since 1975. At that time, she became a certified member of the International School of Graphoanalysis in Chicago, Illinois. She has researched and continues in-depth study of many facets of handwriting analysis.

To more fully serve her clients and the community-at-large, she pursued training in writing therapeutics. Because of the interest of her clients in a therapeutic program, Angeline designed this manual as a self-directive guide in effecting personality changes.

Angeline's interest in handwriting analysis was evoked at the time she was teaching biology in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It became clear to her how the effectiveness of her teaching could be enhanced by having the knowledge of handwriting analysis. Angeline has a bachelor of arts from Bellarmine College, Louisville, Kentucky and a master's degree from Marquette University, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

The Living Alphabet

This book includes Techniques, Intentions, and Mantras!