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Light From the Angels

Light From the Angels
Deering, Hallie

Angelic Technology Manifesting on Earth

Now those who could not attend the Angel Academy in person have a unique opportunity to learn about major metaphysical topics from the Angels themselves.

Light From the Angels discusses difficult subjects in the angels’ own precise, easy-to-understand language. Many formidable concepts that have been hazy for most students of metaphysics will suddenly become crystal clear and meaningful as the angels deftly show you how life’s intricate, complex puzzle pieces fit easily together.

Whether you are a professional healer, a channel, a psychic, or just simply interested in advanced metaphysics, the Divine Mother and the Rose Angels will take you by the hand and lead you down exciting new pathways of self-discovery and adventure. Their methods for inner transformation are practical, appealing, and enlightening: you owe it to yourself to make them a permanent part of your spiritual life.

Topics Include:

  • Making and Using Power Tools
  • Angelic Medicines
  • Healing with Dolphins
  • Understanding the Subtle Bodies and the Chakras
  • Crystals for Meditation and Healing
  • Building and Using Light Boxes
  • Achieving Deep States of Meditation
  • Seeing Past Lives
  • Finding Your Twin Soul
  • Reading Information Stored in the DNA
  • Accessing the Akashic Records
  • Avoiding Negativity
5.5 x 8.5
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Divine Mother


Divine Mother (Durga, Kwan-Yin, Mary, Vajra-yogini etc) guided me to this book which I thoroughly enjoyed. Some very good meditations to clear blocks, access past lives etc. At least on a par with Doreen Virtue's 'The Lightworker's Way'.