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The Human Energy Field: Hidden Structures

The Human Energy Field: Hidden Structures
Chapman, Cathy

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In Western medicine, health-care practitioners learn physical anatomy. There is another anatomy just as important - the energetic anatomy. If you have read the previous books in this series, you not only learned about your spiritual anatomy but also how to heal these aspects of yourself.

In this book, you will learn about little-known structures, such as the minor chakras, the hara line, the core star, and the heart’s healing center. In every case, Amma and her Healing Friends, Amiya, teach you how to bring healing and clarity to these structures.

When things happen that hide the love you are, your energy field is damaged. A damaged energy field will result in damage to any of your bodies - emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical. Because every aspect of you is part of an integrated whole, when one part is damaged, then all parts are affected in some way. To heal your whole, you must heal each layer.

Read this book with an open heart. Set your intention for healing, and know that as you do so, you are being healed. Every time you ask, you are healed. Even small healings have a powerful impact on you, your life, and those around you.
Your healing prevents a deep wound from moving across the planet, which prevents someone else from being wounded, and on and on. When you repair even the smallest part of your energy field, you raise your vibration, and life is easier. The more you heal, the more you trust and the more your joy is uncovered. Be that joy-filled person.

I will always be thankful for the opportunity to work with Dr. Cathy Chapman and to connect spiritually to Amma and Amma’s Healing Friends. The prayer techniques have bathed my energy system in love and helped me feel better in body, mind, and soul. Each experience has helped me stay grounded, speak my truth, and live a more joyful life. God bless Dr. Cathy.

-Karen E., Kentucky

Chapters Include

  • Hands-On Healing
  • Physical Issues Point to Spiritual Revelations
  • Healing Is a Personal Responsibility
  • Unblock Your Minor Chakras
  • Choose Joy No Matter What Happens
  • Change Happens from Higher Energy
  • Support for Your Life Purpose
  • Create a New Experience of Love
6 x 9
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