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Gaia Speaks: Sacred Earth Wisdom

Gaia Speaks: Sacred Earth Wisdom
Lewis, Pepper

Many believe Earth to be sentient of feeling, but we are disconnected from her because we can't understand her vibrations and impressions. Gaia, the sentience of Earth speaks through Pepper Lewis, and teaches us how to listen and attune to Earth.

"I am the nonphysical sentience of this planet—simply put, I am the planet Earth. I am the body and the soul of the planet you currently inhabit. My sentience guides and enlivens all that surround the planet as well as all that are on and within her. My sentience animates the air you breathe, the energy you burn, and the water you drink. My sentience—the most aware, advanced, and attuned aspect of my being—is that which directs these words. Two priorities guide my sentience. The first is to erase the perception of separation that seems to threaten the planet. The second priority is to awaken and expand the collective consciousness. It is my hope that you will find my message meaningful and that you will continue to develop an appreciation for who and what you are."

6 x 9
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A Thought-Provoking Book!


Earth's channelling that completes and illustrates anothers, but that rejects many, many others as well. Some New Age's metaphisycians, ecologists, politicians, economists, publishers- can be annoyed by her words. Gaia says: "[...] you cannot destroy what you did not create. [...]. In order to destroy the Earth, humanity would have to destroy itself. Humans cannot and will not destroy themselves [...]" (p. 113). Certainly a best-seller for this year. Certainly a complete revision of New Age's history.