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The Explorer Race Series (Book 04): Creators and Friends

The Explorer Race Series (Book 04): Creators and Friends
Shapiro, Robert

The Mechanics of Creation

As we explore the greater reality beyond our planet, our galaxy, our dimension, our creation, we meet prototypes, designers, shapemakers, creators, creators of creators, and friends of our Creator.

Now that you have a greater understanding of who you are in the larger sense, it is necessary to remind you of where you came from, the true magnificence of your being, to have some of your true peers talk to you. You must understand that you are creators in training, and yet you were once a portion of Creator. One could certainly say, without being magnanimous, that you are still a portion of Creator, yet you are training for the individual responsibility of being a creator to give your Creator a coffee break.

This book will give you peer consultation. It will allow you to understand the vaster qualities and help you remember the nature of the desires that drive any creator, the responsibilities to which that creator must answer, the reaction any creator must have to consequences, and the ultimate reward of any creator. This book will help you appreciate all of the above and more. I hope you will enjoy it and understand that maybe more will follow.

6 x 9
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The Explorer Race Series
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If you are a genuinely


If you are a genuinely curious person with the desire to move your mind out far, far away and to see the personality in all things - this is the book for you. Vistas of magnificence will move you - and the unimaginable size of the all-that-is' will thrill you entirely. Our minds are truly so closed, only thinking in closed earthly concepts - this book is the key for you to open up your mind and really discover the new - for there is always newness in creation. It is refreshing to move beyond the paradigm that creator acts alone - the story here makes perfect sense - look at the world around you - we are, after all, reflections of creator - grow your mind up - read this book!

If you are a seeker, wanting


If you are a seeker, wanting to feel "alive and informed", looking for Gods plan/enactment look no further until you read what this book has to say. Here is a highly respected version (By the Renowned channel, Robert. Shapiro of how/who was involved in the creation of the Universe & Plan. What these "friends" of and the Creator did to help procure what we (the special Explorer race) are all a part of. Including the role and premise we are playing in the grand unfoldment of it all. I loved reading this and think it will one day become a classic, existing alongside the other R.S. Explorer Race Series books. I've read 5 of them so far and feel they perfectly integrate w/the other great related books I've read! "