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The Encyclopedia of the Spiritual Path (Book 02): Soul Psychology; Keys to Ascension

The Encyclopedia of the Spiritual Path (Book 02): Soul Psychology; Keys to Ascen

There are tens of thousands of self-help books on psychology and human relationships; however, there are very few that integrate the topics of the soul and spirit. Most books on this subject focus on personality-level self-actualization. The new wave in the field of psychology is transpersonal, or soul, psychology, which will lead to monadic psychology for the more advanced students of the path.

The entire understanding of psychology is completely changed when the soul is properly integrated. It has been said that personality-level self-actualization brings happiness, soul-level self-actualization brings joy, and monadic- and spiritual-level self-actualization bring bliss.

Chapters Include:

  • Integrating the Three Minds and the Four Bodies
  • The Christ Consciousness and How to Achieve It
  • Pitfalls and Traps on the Path of Ascension
  • Physical Immortality
  • An Esoteric Understanding of Sexuality
  • Psychic Self-Defense
  • The Laws of Manifestation
6 x 9
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Good Thoughts & Ideas


The first couple of chapters of this book had some good reminders. In fact, the book is sprinkled with good thoughts and ideas. I was very glad to have found it in on my bookshelf this week.

I found this book to be a great help


I found this book to be a great help in showing me the many pitfalls people take in their path to self mastery. Shown from a perspective of mastery, it clearly explains how one can avoid and see through trouble areas in one's life and reach the calm depths of inner peace. This is a book of transpersonal psychology. It will give you many tools and exercises for you to use throughout your day that will help bring you levels of refinement quickly.