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Weser, Catherine

Catherine Weser

After receiving a degree in fine art, Catherine Weser moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico, to pursue a career as an artist and to continue her exploration of meditation and metaphysics. Pursuing this path, she eventually came in contact with her inner teacher and guide known as Dwahl Khul, or DK.

Over time, her artistic medium slowly shifted from painting and drawing to glass, whose properties as a transmitter, reflector, and refractor of light seemed to parallel the properties of channeling as a spiritual practice– transmitting, reflecting, and refracting consciousness emanating from One Life. Her work has been featured in various Santa Fe galleries and been shown at the New Mexico Museum of Art and the Governor’s Gallery.

Diving Deep

Since 1982, when the presence of the spiritual master, inner teacher, and guide known as Dwahl Khul, or DK, entered her life, Catherine Weser has been sharing his teachings with a constantly growing i