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Diving Deep

Diving Deep
Weser, Catherine

Since 1982, when the presence of the spiritual master, inner teacher, and guide known as Dwahl Khul, or DK, entered her life, Catherine Weser has been sharing his teachings with a constantly growing international audience.

Now, in Diving Deep, she reveals the integration of DK and herself as the foundation for discovering the nature of One Life awareness. Her new book is a cohesive blend of Catherine’s fascinating personal journey with DK’s interdimensional guidance, resulting in an exploration of non-dualism called One Life.

As with Catherine’s many articles and workshops all over the world, the lessons of Diving Deep are guided by the presence of DK as an inner teacher influencing and guiding the information with no separation between DK and Catherine. Channeling DK is described in detail as an integrative spiritual practice and experience of opening up to the inner worlds of compassion and wisdom. The tutorials offer affirmations of the gifts and resolutions to the challenges of being human and abiding in One Life awareness.

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Affirmations of the blessings


Affirmations of the blessings and answers to the difficulties of being human and maintaining One Life awareness are provided in the tutorials. See: https://linkedin.com/company/moral-support-foundation