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Rother, Steve

Steve Rother

Steve Rother is an American citizen, currently living in Las Vegas. He used to be an entrepreneur before he became a lightworker and an author. He has had five books published so far, which have been translated into eleven different languages.

His change from entrepreneur to lightworker happened following a spiritual experience on New Year's Eve 1996. That night, he started saying things that, according to him, did not originate from him, but came from the group. A group of nine energetic entities. These messages brought by the group were bundled in books.

Together with his wife Barbara, he travels around the globe, spreading these messages from the group and putting them into practice. His activities are managed by a nonprofit organization called Lightworker Corporation.


Greetings from Home

A celebration of the first ten years of Reminders from Home from the loving entities simply known as the group.

Re-member: A Handbook for Human Evolution

Humankind is evolving. We are moving from a motivation of survival to a motivation of unity. We are reaching for higher truths in all areas as a quiet revolution is taking place. This transition need not be difficult!

So I'm God . . . Now What?

The fifth book from Steve Rother and the group contains channeled material to be read and used as a reference or as a daily inspirational guide.

Spiritual Psychology

Have you ever wondered why it is that one person can grow up with every conceivable advantage, and yet seem incapable of mastering even the simplest things in life? Have you ever known someone who, despite being highly intelligent, keeps on repeating the same mistakes over and over again?

Welcome Home: The New Planet Earth

Welcome to the fifth dimension. Did you feel the ascension? The world we know is rapidly evolving. Life on planet Earth is becoming increasingly unpredictable. The old rules no longer function. According to the group, these changes have greater implications than we imagine. As unexpected as recent events have been, they merely mark the beginning. The evolution of humankind has begun.