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Greetings from Home

Greetings from Home
Rother, Steve

A celebration of the first ten years of Reminders from Home from the loving entities simply known as the group.

They are not here to tell us what is right or wrong but rather to help us gain our own power as empowered humans and to move from a field of duality into a field of triality where light and dark selves are balanced by a stronger connection to the higher self. This is a unique and beautiful collection of the Beacons of Light monthly messages given over the first ten years.

“Humanity is stepping from an experience of duality into a field of triality where light and dark selves are balanced by a new connection to the higher self. It is an exciting and sometimes scary time for humans, for it means taking your power as conscious creators. We are here to offer you an empowered view of the human experience.

That view is not right nor is it wrong, for in a field of triality, you no longer have the need for those contrasts. We ask that you do not follow us, for the game of follow the leader is now ending and the game of follow yourself is just beginning. When you return home, you will be greeted as heroes for playing the game of free choice, and you will then understand that ascending into spirit is not nearly as important as having a wondrous human experience.”
—Espavo, the group

The contents of this book were given to Steve Rother over ten years as divinely inspired monthly messages by a collection of warm and loving spirits that he simply calls the group. In the spirit of true empowerment, they refuse to identify themselves because they do not want readers to give up their power to titles, labels, or an image of superior beings. They say: “It's not about us; it's about you, the masters of the gameboard of free choice. It is our task to help you remember who you really are.”

5.5 x 8.5
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