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Risi, Armin

Armin Risi

My basic intention of writing Transcending the Global Power Game was to provide a summary of the inner contents of the Vedic and Biblical scriptures and prophecies. The Bible itself is already quite voluminous, and the apocryphal texts of the Old and New Testaments are just about as long. The main Vedic scriptures comprise about five times the volume of the Bible. Not everybody has the time to read these scriptures, and that is not required either, if the essence of all these revelations is known.

Personally, I had the time to read and study these scriptures while I lived in Vedic monasteries (in Europe and India) for eighteen years. One of my occupations as a monk was translating texts and commentaries of Sanskrit literature from English into German or to check and correct the translations. Altogether I participated in the production of twenty-one books. This, however, did not turn me into a fundamentalist or an absolutist of scriptures. I always asked myself what the real message was. What was to be learned by reading all these books?

During my years in the monastery I began to expand my studies to biblical texts as well as to mystical and mythological sources from all cultures of the world, also including modern philosophical and esoteric works. The more I presented these complementary references and conclusions in my lectures, the more people started to express a desire of having these contents in book form. On the other hand, I was confronted by people who fanatically stood up for their absolutist religious opinions, and (unintentionally) showed me the working of the unholy spirit in the name of God. Truly absolute truths, I understood, are never diabolic, and to show this became my main intention, as humanity’s consciousness of the coming new age will be holistic and spiritual.

At the same time, as a monk I was also a kind of father confessor to many people. Over the years, I got to hear the life stories of people from all walks of life; some of these people were also affiliated with the background aspects of the present society. From them I learned a lot about secret politics and the high-finance world. These people gave or lent me many relevant books that not everybody had (some of them are mentioned in the bibliography). What I heard was not really surprising or shocking to me. First of all, I was not naїve, and secondly, the prophetic sources of all cultures clearly state that humanity is presently passing through a dark age. In this way, a wide spectrum of information was brought to my attention, illustrating and expanding my personal research.

Initially, considering my social background, it was not obvious that my life would take such a course. I was born on 21 February 1962 in Lucerne, Switzerland, the second son of a working-class family from the mountain regions. My father belongs to the generation born between the two world wars. Not being very intellectual, he attended school only sporadically for a few years, as they needed boys for certain jobs in those hard times; thus my father remained almost illiterate. My mother came from a poor mountain farmer’s family.

It is said that we choose our parents ourselves. If this is true, then I can say that I chose very good parents. They supported me in every way they could. They even saved money, franc by franc, to enable me to go to high school. In my teenage student years, I became one of the best junior chess players of Switzerland, and I started to read books about the exploitation of animals and plants and of the Third World. These sobering insights prompted me to change my life radically, and I left high school right before the final exams—as a sign of protest against the course of the present materialistic society.

After some time alone out in nature, I started my monastic life at the age of eighteen. When I was thirty-six, I changed into another life situation and I married.

TranscEnding the Global Power Game

The global crisis, x-rayed from a spiritual perspective.