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TranscEnding the Global Power Game

TranscEnding the Global Power Game
Risi, Armin

The global crisis, x-rayed from a spiritual perspective.

Whatever happens on the visible plane has its roots in invisible dimensions; reality is more than meets the eye. This is the essence of all spiritual teachings and mystery schools, and it is the key to understanding what actually happens on the stage of the global power game.

Here, in a unique compendium, you get to know what the world loks like when seen from this paranormal viewpoint. Step by step, the author unfolds stunning insights into the hidden dimensions of the secret poltics, money-pulations, and the ongoing transformation. The pieces are put together to reveal an exciting puzzle:

  • Ancient knowledge and new revelations
  • The conclusive meaning of the symbolism of light and darkness
  • The ideology of the Illuminati
  • The roots and goals of today's secret societies
  • Prophecies regarding money and the crash
  • Alien forces and the presence of lightbeings
  • Our role in this cosmic drama
  • "Had Armin Risi lived in classical times, he would now be counted among the great philosophers and theologians. Being a contemporary author, however, he is able to go beyond classical philosophy and shed light on problems, coverups, and challenges of today, using a revolutionary logic, or mytho-logic, as he calls it."
    —Professor Jorg Rehberg, Zurich

6 x 9
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This book offers a fascinating perspective on global affairs delving into the unseen forces that shape our world. It is intriguing to consider how ancient wisdom intersects with modern politics and economics.
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The secret to comprehending


The secret to comprehending what truly takes place on the hedge trimming christchurch stage of the global power game is found in this, the essence of all spiritual teachings and mystery schools.

The author reveals astounding


The author reveals astounding insights into the hidden aspects of money manipulation, covert politics, and the ongoing change. See: www.flashpartyphotobooth.com/san-jose-wedding-photo-booth

I'm just reading this amazing


I'm just reading this amazing book, and it is definitely ''must read" for every sane man. Here you will find everything at one place, in this one book, so you don't need to look anywhere else for information.
Get this book now, and share and talk about to everyone you meet, it will boost up the collective awareness of entire planet and help in spiritual evolution.

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