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McIntosh, John

John McIntosh

I was born in 1946 at 3:45AM in the center of a busy Canadian metropolis. The Second World War had just ended and there was a vibration of great hope for a new world of peace. I was a very sad little boy longing for loving attention and as an early Indigo, acted out this independent nature in rebellious ways as I sought to reunite with the one love. This behavior fueled the dysfunctional early years of my life laying a powerful foundation on which I built my dance with the illusion of this world.

By my twentieth year, I discovered the power of the mind to create. With several successful attempts to use this power and gain what I believed was loving attention through accomplishment, I cemented my belief that anything was possible. I took many powerful forward steps followed by the deep valleys of disappointment as success failed to bring me the love I longed for and deeply missed.

In my thirtieth year, Spirit reentered my awareness in a profound way, and I began devouring everything that had ever been written on the subject while aligning myself with a gifted channel. Slowly, Spirit's influence permeated my entrepreneurial excursions deeper and deeper into the world of illusions and mirrors. The conflict of light and dark created enormous tension, and the roller coaster experience often took me into the depths of despair.

I danced with the darkness for another twenty years, achieving the heights of the success and experience this world has to offer, and then finally, at the peak of the illusion, the door to those illusions was closed through a near-death experience. The following ten years felt like death as I allowed every vestige of attachment and identity of separation to fall away. Then, naked and empty, I experienced a deeper surrender that allowed the light to completely take over my life.

For another year, I lingered with the last remnants of ego control, finally finding my spiritual center. I have found the light and now live in it constantly. The experience immediately ignites a deep longing to share with those still sleeping to truth. Yet I have been guided that our work lies with those already following oneness, gathering them into one powerful planetary grid, holding the Christ Light for the lightworkers who will touch the multitudes.

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The Millennium Tablets

Twelve tablets containing twelve powerful secrets, yet only two opened. The lightbearers and way-showers will pave the way, dispelling darkness and allowing the opening of the ten remaining tablets to humanity, thus beginning the age of total freedom.