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The Millennium Tablets

The Millennium Tablets
McIntosh, John

Twelve tablets containing twelve powerful secrets, yet only two opened. The lightbearers and way-showers will pave the way, dispelling darkness and allowing the opening of the ten remaining tablets to humanity, thus beginning the age of total freedom.

Is There Hope of a New World Order Based on Love and Peace?

Ominous prophecies from ancient to modern times, from every religion, culture and philosophy around the world, have outlined a final conflict with the force of evil occurring toward the end of the twentieth century. Can anyone doubt that conflict has begun?

With the timely discovery of the millennium tablets, the author takes us through an extraordinary journey into the unknown. We are led through an incredible adventure, bridging this world with the realm of the unseen, where the answer to this mystery of the ages lay bare.

It could be said these are the most cataclysmic times in humanity’s history and, perhaps because of that, also times of great human potential. The secrets revealed in The Millennium Tablets speak of the imminent possibility of a world filled with indescribable beauty but also warn of the insidious dangers now present on the planet that can only be conquered through the combined efforts of lightbearers around the globe.

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