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Sedona Journal of Emergence December 2000

Sedona Journal of Emergence December 2000

"There is absolutely nothing that you experience, tangible or intangible, that is possible without faith, as we will define it for you. You might ask, "Is belief faith?" Faith is the untangible ingredient that makes belief work. If you feel you truly believe and yet you're not finding results from that belief system, then the ingredient that is missing is faith." - Salem the Great Light through Diandra

"As you prepare for this upcoming holiday season, you will find increasing numbers of people beginning to understand a higher view of the importance of sacred celebrations. We are not speaking of religion here. We are not even speaking of your traditional religious holidays. What we refer to is the coming together of groups of people in celebration of a sacred rite or in meditation or prayer to help uplift others on your planet. It is these kinds of celebrations that will take center stage in the not-too-distant future." -The Council of 12 through Selacia

"Be prepared, my dear one, to release even more of your attachments to the everyday world. And also, be very gentle with yourself, allowing time for digestion and acknowledgement of the changes you are feeling. There is no rush. There are no expectations. There is a flow of light that will caress and protect and support you, for this is a time of empowerment." -Archangel Metatron through Christine Bearse

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