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White Beacons of Atlantis

White Beacons of Atlantis

You are souls who experienced Atlantis and returned to Earth in your current reality to complete the cycle and purpose of Atlantis: to embody your divine self and to enable machines, technology, and inner spiritual discovery to exist harmoniously. Conflict between spirit and technology led to the fall of Atlantis, and that experience is still held within your soul and consciousness. Earth and humanity have reached a pinnacle point that is identical to that of the decline of Atlantis. You have the power to complete the purpose of all Atlanteans by creating healing and freedom while erasing the catastrophic effects Atlantis imprinted on all civilizations that followed it. Now is time to heal Atlantis within you and to manifest an era of love, peace, and unity as you fulfill your original Atlantean contract.

In these pages, Nara, a high priestess of the Celestial White Beings temple in northern Atlantis, shares the moving account of her lifetime and experiences of the fall of Atlantis. Written in novel format, this exhilarating and enlightening true story also offers practical guidance and exercises to heal and reacquaint you with your own Atlantean lifetime.

Chapters Include

  • The Temple of the Celestial White Beings
  • Self-Discovery within Unity
  • Soul Sounding
  • Grandfather Hamna
  • Forming Divine Relationships
  • The Seeding of Creation
  • The Fall of Atlantis
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When reading, it's like being there in that time on Earth


This is a beautiful book about a girl turning into a woman, juggling her Divine mission and being a human with human desires, back in the time of Atlantis. When reading the book, it's like being there in that time on Earth, when life was different, but also the same. It's very interesting to read what happened on and with Atlantis, especially if it resonates with you on a deeper lever, like it does with me. (May we do differently this time!) For me, it brought back feeling memories of long gone. Besides deserving a second read, this books has wonderful teachings and lessons, to accept and heal ourselves, so these feeling memories are transformed into a smile, if they were not already.