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Soul Recovery and Extraction

Soul Recovery and Extraction

Spiritually, one can lose a soul piece by giving power away to someone or something else.

Soul recovery is about regaining the fragments of one’s soul energy that have been trapped or stolen by another person or lost through a traumatic incident. The heart of this shamanistic healing method is taking back control of your life.

Shamanism, in the simplest definition, is the ability of an individual to move into an altered state and travel the inner dimensions of what we call nonphysical reality. This technique is as old as human existence. It is practiced around the world and recently has been reintroduced to Western civilization, although among indigenous cultures shamanism continues to be practiced as a healing tool without interruption.

Extraction is another tool within the shamanistic tradition that dissolves blocks from our bodies or the aura of electromagnetic energy that surrounds us. These blocks can affect us physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually, and with a shaman’s expertise, they can be removed.

Chapters Include

  • How Soul Recovery Works
  • Why Soul Loss Occurs
  • Physical Reactions to Soul Recovery
  • How Shamans Perform Extractions
  • The Three Worlds of the Shaman
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