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Shamanic Secrets Lost Wisdom Regained

Shamanic Secrets Lost Wisdom Regained
Shapiro, Robert

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Due to wars, natural disasters, a shaman not being able to train a successor, and many other reasons, Isis (through Robert) says that 95 percent of the accumulated shamanic wisdom has been lost. Now it is important to regain this wisdom as young people who are able to learn and use these processes are being born now.

Beings who lived as shamans and healers on Earth at various times now speak through Robert Shapiro and bring these lost teachings and techniques to a humanity waking up and discovering it has the talents and abilities to use this wisdom for the benefit of all.

“This is a time on Earth when people are being rent asunder by dramas in their lives and are overwhelmed by dramas in the lives of others or are sometimes attached to the dramatic events of the day. In times gone by, there were people who provided knowledge, wisdom, and comfort to ease life for their people.

“This book is entirely about finding comfort and ease through life. You don’t have to struggle. You don’t have to find substitutes for things you don’t have. You don’t have to get along without things you need. You need food, comfortable shelter, good health, and time to enjoy life. This book does not provide all the answers to all your questions. Rather, it is the beginning of much more to come.

“Some of you are interested in how others lived their lives in the past, but most of you — especially those who need something, want something, or are desperately trying to acquire something — are interested in how people from the past acquired those things. Some of the suggestions will seem fantastic or impossible to you. Don’t assume that. Some of you will find you can produce, in some way, a portion of what those shamans from the past were able to do. This might be easier for those of you already on your spiritual path. Even if you are not on any particular spiritual path, don’t assume you cannot do these things.”

— Speaks of Many Truths

Chapters Include

  • Bring Life Back to Your Drinking Water
  • Look to Plants and Animals for Health and Wellness Clues
  • Share Your Healing Wisdom with Others
  • Work as a Group for the Benefit of All
  • Collect Healing Energy from the Stars
  • Use Lightning Energy to Free Spirits from Earth
  • Accept and Maintain Your Physical Body
  • Focus on the Positive to Bring It About
  • Help Each Other to Help Earth
  • Tap into Benevolent Energy
  • Move with the Earth
  • Connect with Otherplanetary Shamans
  • Remember Your Dream Soul Journeys
6.0 x 9.0
Book Series: 
Shamanic Secret Series
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