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Reclaim Your Sexuality: How to Heal from the Words, Actions, and Beliefs that Deny Who You Are

Reclaim Your Sexuality
Chapman, Cathy

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Sexuality is integral to who you are, and when someone damages that, it damages your energy field. In this book, we will work at strengthening and healing your energy field so that you become comfortable with how you choose to express your sexuality.

We will show you how to dismantle the energies of non-acceptance for who you are because of who you choose to love or your confusion about the gender you feel internally versus what you display externally. We will also discuss how your sexuality influences every part of your life – how you sit, how you stand, and what you see when you look out your window.

The key is to accept how you are and how other are. Lack of acceptance brings great shame, especially when you’re first discovering yourself as a sexual being. No parts of your body are shameful. That shame has been projected on to you by others. In this book, we will work specifically with areas related to gender identification, sexual attraction, sexual trauma, and confusion related to sexuality foisted on you by others.

“Listening to or reading Amya’s messages is always wonderful and encouraging. They are very clear and relevant to the times. She gives concrete examples to illustrate whatever she is teaching. For instance, she addresses various wounds we could have to our sexuality as we mature. She takes through the process to bring healing to these simply and easily. This prompts other ways to apply these processes to our lives. She makes it very easy. I always look forward to our next class and am grateful to her.”

-Cleo M., New Jersey

Chapters Include

  • Embrace Your Sexuality
  • Physical Exploration Is Natural
  • Heal the Phases of Sexual Development
  • Accept Your Bodily Functions
  • Appreciate Your Body
  • Release the Shame of Sexuality
  • You Are Perfect as You Are
  • The Challenges of Gender Identification
  • Clear Sexual Trauma
  • Heal the Intricate Wounds of Abuse
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This book challenged my


This book challenged my preconceptions and opened my eyes to new ideas. I appreciate the author's willingness to take on difficult topics and tackle them with sensitivity and nuance. Regards from edmond painters!