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Pathways and Parables for a Changing World

Pathways and Parables for a Changing World

Humans have always taught one another through stories. Pretty Flower, speaking through Miriandra Rota, honors this tradition. She offers paths to help us find our way in an ever-changing world.

Here we are! We know this is a powerful time; we have successfully birthed ourselves to be present during the grand awakening. We can feel it—the call to powerful living! What makes some solutions for powerful living easy to grasp whereas others seem slippery and elusive? Maybe the slippery and elusive solutions are so different that they feel like a foreign language, one we haven't yet learned to speak. Maybe the elusive solutions are poking at the conclusions we've spent our entire lives developing.

This book is about practical solutions called pathways. Have you ever asked Pretty Flower a question only to have her answer begin with, "Once upon a time . . ."? At the end of her parable, have you ever found yourself saying, "Huh?" and then, "Oh, yes"? It's easy, simple. That's what the parables are all about: a shift in consciousness and spiritual awakenings galore. But don't let me keep you a moment longer from these easy pathways, delightful parables, and simple solutions for your powerful living!

Chapters include:

  • We Are All Journeyers
  • The Fulfillment of Your Own Knowing
  • Truth Does Burst Forth!
  • Ripples in the Timeline
  • Discernment and Choice
  • The Strength of the Mother’s Love
  • A Gathering of Fairies
  • The Breath of Peace
6 x 9
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