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The Mysteries of Sedona

The Mysteries of Sedona
Dongo, Tom

Because there is a growing amount of literature published on Sedona and what you are likely to find here—and as a result of numerous conversations with visitors and locals alike—I felt there was a real need to present an esoteric side of the picture that perhaps is being avoided by other writers, possibly for fear of ridicule, criticism, ostracism, and so on.

There are a lot of things going on in Sedona that are perhaps only being superficially touched on by much of the literature that is available. Maybe this will fill in that gap—or add more fuel to the fire.

I want to point out that most of what you are about to read is not verifiable by established cut-and-dried scientific means. Much of it is in the realm of metaphysical science of the mind. Which will become the greater reality in the future? The majority of the following observations were drawn from my own sources or were related to me by those whom I felt were responsible and credible individuals. Stories that I felt had no foundation whatsoever I have totally disregarded. However, I have found that the bulk of this information has been validated in one way or another; by odd coincidences, psychics, channels, books, and most of all by metaphysical people from all over the world.

To define Sedona in terms of principles of reality transcending those of any particular science, metaphysics, one could say that it is a town situated in a vast zone of powerful, shifting, mysterious and sometimes volatile energies. To label these energies in only magnetic or electromagnetic terms is to restrict their greater meaning. These energies are truly cosmic and of many variations and applications. Energy emits in and around Sedona. Certain energies (vortexes) are at the moment in specific locations but can appear occasionally, or intensify, anywhere in the Sedona area. It is said that somehow Sedona’s iron rich red rocks draw or generate these powers. It is said that these energies will soon expand and become one, then join with other energies and expand across the face of Earth.

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I would like to make it clear


I would like to make it clear that the majority of what you are going to read cannot be confirmed by accepted, rigorous scientific methods. See: www.plumberswestauckland.co.nz

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The portrayal of Sedona as a convergence point for shifting cosmic energies invites contemplation on the transcendence of reality beyond conventional scientific principles.
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I Couldn't Put This Book Down!


I picked up this book today and could not put it down until I had read it from cover to cover. It is a quick read, but is packed with information. In the afterword, Tom Dongo states, "It is my hope that the ultimate result of this book will be to make people think, and consider realms of existence they might not normally be accustomed to - or aware of." The author accomplishes that and more. He discusses the Rock People, called Wapeka by local Indians. He also deals with the vortexes (locations, scientific explanations and world vortex locations.) He also digs into the paranormal aspects of Sedona, channeling, Lemuria, and our need to transcend our fears when dealing with foreign entities and energies. He strongly encourages us to use our discernment when we encounter these forces, while relying on our intuitions and unconditional love. Wise words for our changing times. I would consider this a valuable book for anyone who frequents or resides in Sedona, as it deals with many esoteric topics that have been avoided by other writers for far too long. It also has beautiful photos and a section on climate and snakes. Well done!!