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Kryon (Book 2): Don't Think Like a Human!

Kryon (Book 2): Don't Think Like a Human!
Carroll, Lee

Channeled Answers to Basic Questions

Kryon's first book, The End Times, introduced us to the concept of Earth alignment and Kryon's role in the alignment in the past and present. This is Kryon's fourth visit to Earth, and again his function is to make the alignment adjustment the final one before planetary graduation. This is where we come in. We caused a change that was not expected.

"We are given a gift when a source such as Kryon communicate with us. That is possible because Lee Carroll allowed this to happen in his life and because Jan Tober, his spiritual partner, pushed him (gently) until it did happen. Spirit works remarkably! I have featured Kryon in several issues of Connecting Link magazine and will continue to do so. His words are vital and important.

"Read now, and let yourself expand into the energy that Kryon is. Let him honor you for the work you have done here 'in lesson,' and let Kryon, who is 'in service,' be your teacher now for a period of time. Explore your dreams. Read the answers to the questions you have asked. Feel the Love.”
—Susanne Konicov, Publisher/Editor of Connecting Link magazine

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As this is the second of the


As this is the second of the KRYON-series, it is a seamless continuance of its predecessor. Wonderful enlighting materiel, for any who finds this book on his or her path. It invites to explore all the other books (ten so far) from Lee Carroll.