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Kryon (Book 10): A New Dispensation

Kryon (Book 10): A New Dispensation
Carroll, Lee

Plain Talk for Confusing Times

"In this tenth book of their fifteen-year collaboration, Kryon, through his partner and channel, Lee Carroll, continues to provide a unique combination of love and physics. Using parables and scientific explanations to help us comprehend the multidimensional physical reality, we’re expanding into and becoming aware of our returning journey to our pre-Earth omnidimensional selves, and this multileveled approach satisfies and soothes our hearts, minds, and souls.

"While we’re conditioned on Earth to walk in trust into the unknown future, it adds so much to the safety and comfort and enjoyment of the journey to have the benefit of Kryon’s loving and practical teaching from beyond time. He patiently expands our conceptual understanding of the now and the future without interfering with our experience of either.

"Kryon says that his grid-change entourage is leaving but that he will be here until the last Human leaves the Earth. We welcome his continued presence in Lee’s seminars and books, and most especially, in the monthly pages of the Sedona Journal of Emergence! Here, he has been a most valued and much loved contributor since 1995. The Journal would not be the same without Kryon’s stimulating and loving voice, and we and our readers look forward to his channeling every month—maybe not 'until the last Human leaves the Earth' but hopefully for nearly as long."
—Melody O’Ryin Swanson, Publisher of the Sedona Journal of Emergence!

6 x 9
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I had an oppurtunity to read


I had an oppurtunity to read parts of this book while i was at a friends place. It cleared for me some of the concepts such as of time, now, karma, etc. which as much as i try, i tend to be linear in my thinking. It uplifteg me though i know that to free myself from 'gravity' i need to not need. i felt only the heart can free itself from this force of gravity, the mind is designed to be bound by it.