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Kryon (Book 1): The End Times

The End Times
Carroll, Lee

New Information for Personal Peace

From the foreword:
“When planet earth reaches a time of dimensional shift and change, it is important to remember that the Universe (which we know as God) never abandons us. One of the ways source shares its love is to provide information from knowledgeable intelligences by having teachers born into body. Another way this is done is by having teachers trance through a loving channel who can be trusted not to misrepresent, alter or misuse this needed support. The trance-like information then assists us in understanding and in making personal adjustments with grace and ease.

"The messages from Kryon in these “changing times” is intellectually stimulating and spoken beautifully with unconditional love. I personally know and respect both Lee Carroll and Kryon. Lee is a faithful and dedicated channel of Kryon's words. As one who has worked and taught in the field of Metaphysics for twenty-five years, I find the information clear and thought-provoking. The knowledge brought through is most pertinent to our changing world. You will find yourself filled with the love energy of Kryon. I am using the text of Kryon's words as recommended reading for my students and as a tool for thought in the classes I teach. And so it is with great enthusiasm that I await further information from Kryon and further publication by Lee Carroll.”
—Barbra Dillenger, MscD

5.5 x 8.5
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Kryon Book Series
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