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Jane Roberts' A View From the Other Side

Jane Roberts' A View From the Other Side
Marecek, Mary

Many of you on Earth are talking about ascension. You are talking about ascending, that is, raising frequency. We want to talk with you about this. First, there isn’t just one ascension. It is a process. It is happening now—on your planet and in other universes. It is a cooperation of energies working together.

Many people on Earth are working together, and you are joined by the energies of other universes to assist you in your endeavor because they have the same goal. When you increase vibration, so do they. When you raise frequency, so do they. When you improve, so do they. When you vibrate at a faster speed, when you make corrections of earthly errors, so to speak, they benefit and there is a collective sigh of relief in the heavens.

Death of the body is one form of ascension. It is a process, not a static state, and it is a rather effective and efficient one we might add, because one form of density is shed at the moment of death of the body and the spirit is free to soar and to vibrate more efficiently. Many of you on Earth are now learning to do this within the bodily framework, and we spirits are pleased with your work. We are proud of you. You are continuing a work that we understand because we did the best we could during our own earthly lives, and we love to see the work carried on.

Things are the way they are. And that’s about the best we can do in the way of analyzing them. What had meaning for us only has energy now and, undiluted by our own false meaning-giving, it is pure energy. It is very relaxing to realize we don’t have to do anything with words or events. Except observe. Just notice. This state doesn’t do much for our accounting skills or our golf games, but those could be relearned if we return to Earth and put the effort into it. It is always a choice.

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