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Hearing the Angels Sing: A True Story of Angelic Assistance - With CD

Hearing the Angels Sing - With CD
Sterling, Peter

“… A must-read for anyone drawn to the angels, and for those who already know what a salve Peter’s music is to the souls of the openhearted and the spiritually minded, the book will yet further deepen your enjoyment of Harp Magic.”
— Timothy Wyllie, Author of Dolphins, ETs & Angels, The Return of the Rebel Angels, and coauthor of Ask Your Angels

Hearing the Angels Sing is a wildly fantastic multi-dimensional ride that demonstrates the reality of angels and reveals their astonishing ability to assist and effect change in our lives. Readers can expect to be moved and inspired by Peter’s magical journey.
As an emissary for the angels, Peter takes you on an extraordinary journey into his delightfully magical world, a world that follows a trail of synchronicities and angelic guidance through a harpist in service to the angels. With unusual candor, Peter reveals the personal details of his life — his devotion to spirit, yoga, and meditation; his mystical and shamanic journeys; and his struggles with ego, materialism, and misguided authorities — providing entrance into the reality where the angels can be felt and experienced.

Chapters Include

  • Descension and Birth
  • Down the Rabbit Hole
  • Windows to Heaven
  • Way of the Warrior
  • Angels and Devils
  • Harmonic Converging
  • Red Rocks Calling
  • To Hear the Angels Sing
  • Fires of Purification
  • Everyday Magic

Included music CD is 70 minutes.

6 x 9
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It's after seeing Peter's


It's after seeing Peter's interview by Lilou Macé on You Tube, in which he played his harp in the beautiful Sedona desert that I ordered the book (which comes with a CD of wonderful healing harp music). During the interview, as Peter held up his harp to the wind, I felt the sound resonating through my body, as if the angels were aligning the chakras. So reading his story (which is very moving and inspiring) was fascinating. As for the CD that comes with the book, I have been playing it over and over and one can really sense he is divinely inspired. Also a word of praise for the publishers who have printed this book in a reader-friendly format: not the cramped small print that has become quite common with some publishers. It is also beautifully written. Peter isn't just a gifted musician but also a talented writer. If you go on Peter's website you can read a chapter of the book: www.harpmagic.com