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The Golden Elohim on the Creation of Form

The Golden Elohim on the Creation of Form
Chapman, Cathy

We are the Golden Elohim, the creative aspect of that which you call God

Remember, you are the aspect of God who is exploring different aspects of love from the third dimension. You could say we manifest the ideas from the mind of God.

The human mind is expanding and therefore able to create more than ever before. Encodements bring your ideas, the ideas you gather from the mind of God, into form. You do not create the encodements of form. Those who work with encode¬ments do. You, however, hold in your mind’s eye, the third eye, the template of what you wish to create. Then those who work with encodements develop the energetic structure of the template you create. This is cocreation.

The energy you shape has no desire of its own. Its purpose is to follow the creator’s intention. You are such young creators. You are not aware of the power of your thought and intention. You are not aware how fragile the creation of form is.

When you work to create nonphysical form, the focus of your intention is crucial for creation. If the form of your creation is unclear, you cannot focus your intention. This may result in being displeased with your creation. Be clear how you want your abundance to take form. Know that you are working with the laws of this planet as well as the laws of energy.

When you digress from your intention by reviewing what you don’t have rather than what you want to create, the energy you use to create disperses, just as the wind comes along and disperses your pile of leaves.

True abundance comes from the heart.

You do not need things to have true abundance.


  • Put Your Attention Where Your Intention Is
  • Learn to Reside in Your Heart
  • The Creation Process Begins Within
  • Rainbow Energy Is Being Sent to You
  • Bring Energy into Your Form Command Pain Away
  • Intergalactic Influences on Your Form
  • Understand Your Purpose in Life
  • Release Doubt and Fear
  • Your Path to Ascension
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