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The Gentle Way with Pets

The Gentle Way with Pets
Moore, Tom T.

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Angelic Help For Your Animal Companions

If you are like most people, you consider your pets members of your family. You love them and receive much love in return, and you’re distressed when they become ill or lost for even a short time.

In this book, Tom T. Moore gives unique suggestions on lowering your stress during worrisome events and crises with your lovable family members. He shares intimate and inspiring stories from people around the world who benefit from using the Gentle Way modality with their animal companions.

Receive guidance in finding a new or lost pet. Reduce the stress and worry when caring for a sick pet. Let your guardian angel and the universe assist you.

Your guardian angel works in amazing ways, and it’s fun to see how the pieces of the puzzle come together when you request most benevolent outcomes.

Chapters Include

  • A Perfect New Dog
  • The Best Vet Care
  • Ideal Health
  • Safe and Pleasant Journeys
  • The Celebration of Passing
  • Cats Lost and Found
  • Easy and Peaceful Passings
  • Creatures Great and Small
  • Orbs and Staging
  • The Wonders of Life with Pets
6 x 9
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Such a heartwarming read. The bond between humans and their pets truly transcends words. I can not wait to explore the gentle ways shared in this book to deepen my connection with my furry companions.
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He tells personal and


He tells personal and uplifting tales of individuals who use the Gentle Way modality with their animal companions and reap the benefits from doing so worldwide. | https://www.texashydrodip.com



I really like this book... I am a pet lover.
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