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First Contact: Conversations with an ET

First Contact: Conversations with an ET
Moore, Tom T.

Revel in the story of how Tom was introduced to and communicates with his “brother from another planet,” an ET named Antura. First Contact contains vital information we need to know now about our past, present, and future contacts with ETs.

Topics Include

  • Telepathic Contact Is Possible with ETs
  • The Grays Will Come to Apologize for Kidnappings
  • A “First Contact” Team Arrives in 2017 from Sirius B
  • “Portal Hopping” Is Used to Travel the Universe
  • Detailed Descriptions of a Mothership and Crew
  • Translation Devices for Every Planet’s Languages
  • The History of the Real War Between Galaxies
  • About the Federation of 200 Planets We Will Join
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Imagining a First Contact team arriving from Sirius B in 2017 and the concept of portal hopping for interstellar travel expands our perception of what might lie beyond our own planet.
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Thank you so much. I passed


Thank you so much. I passed my test Saturday and am now waiting for my call sign to go into the system and this is exactly what I needed. mapquest

First Contact: Conversations with an ET


This is a mind expanding book that will change the way you view the Universe you live in and encourage you to ponder other Universes that you can't see. It helps you understand the critically important role of human beings on Earth and our beneficial evolutionary step for the rest of the worlds. Who knew we were so important! I now think of humans as the Universal Road Warriors, an incredibly tough job but for some reason we are the only ones able to do it. I know, truth is stranger than fiction. A must read for any metaphysical fan, any Star Trek / Star Wars fan, or any science fiction reader. Tom T. Moore is a source of information not to be missed by anyone who has benefited from studying Edgar Cayce, Seth or Kryon.

An indepth ET 'primer' for contact


Review from "The Star Beacon," written by Ann Ulrich Miller

Want to read a book about UFOs and ETs that is refreshingly new and exciting? Then meet Antura!

Tom T. Moore, author of The Gentle Way books and a weekly blog with that name (whose Q & A has also appeared regularly in TSB for the last couple of years), has come out with his new book, First Contact, in which he records his conversations with an amphibian humanoid by the name of Antura, who is from Sirius-B (predominantly a water world).

The contact began, as Tom explains in chapter one, in July 2008, and the questions he asked and received answers to span over the course of five years. Those who follow Tom's blog will see that his communications with Antura are ongoing.

Having telepathic contact with a being on another planet is something most people cannot grasp because it is outside of their personal experience. But this book is easy to read and keeps you enthralled throughout with all the many subjects Tom and Antura cover, to answer those questions we've all wondered about.

You will learn how telepathic contact is possible with ETs, and how the first public contact is scheduled by the Pleiadians in 2015, followed by a "first contact" team that will arrive in 2017 from Sirius-B.

Ever wondered how beings can traverse the universe in such a short time? "Portal hopping" is explained and is what the ETs use to get around.

The translation devices for every planet's languages enable the different races to communicate without language barriers, and Antura explains how this works.

He also gives the history of the "real war between galaxies" and about the federation of 200 planets that Earth will soon join. These are just a few of the topics covered in this fascinating book.

Before he even gets into the meaty part of this work, Tom T. Moore explains about how, 15 years ago, he began experimenting with most benevolent outcomes (MBOs), which is the basis of his books dealing with The Gentle Way. About MBOs, Tom says, "It is the best modality I've ever found to reduce stress and fear and put you on an easier path in life." Most people who have tried it will say that MBOs work better than the Law of Attraction.

I just want to share a couple of Antura's answers that I found intriguing.

In the chapter titled "The Federation of Planets," Antura explains how Earth has something of importance to contribute once we are included. "...Your Explorer Race has made great progress in an area that everyone else has failed at—working with negativity. And though that sounds simple to you, I can assure you it is not, my friend. You will introduce games and small amounts of negativity, as you have already been told that will cause all of the societies you encounter to begin growth again. You will be the catalysts of the universe."

I was astounded to learn that Earth is unique in that it is the only planet that is "veiled," meaning the occupants have no recall of their past lives or soul experiences on other planets, and also that Earth is the only planet that has been able to "deal with" negativity.

"You're truly the only planet that's ever been able to do this," explains Antura. "So we might have our great inventions and all, but the one thing we have not been able to do is what you're doing on a daily basis on your planet—working with this energy in massive amounts. You will teach us how to do this too."

And suddenly it makes sense to me. This is why Earth is a gem in the universe and why so many ETs are interested in us, even though we reside on the outer limits of the Milky Way galaxy.

The chapter on "Timelines" baffled me, I must admit. Tom, through Antura, explains how this works, but the closest I can interpret about timelines is what we've called "parallel lives" with our soul fragments that merge into one soul "cluster."

A whole chapter is devoted to "Portals," which I found to be one of the most fascinating information. But I'll leave that for you to discover on your own.

I'm sure you will agree with me, once you've read First Contact, that you'll feel like you've had a full semester course in ET Relations.

I hope Tom will come out with a second book like this in the near future.