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The Explorer Race Series (Book 11): ET Visitors Speak

The Explorer Race Series (Book 11): ET Visitors Speak
Shapiro, Robert

Even as you are searching the sky for extraterrestrials and their space ships, ETs are here on planet Earth. They are stranded, visiting, exploring, studying the culture, healing the Earth of trauma brought on by irresponsible mining, or researching the history of Christianity over the last 2,000 years.

Some are in human guise, some are in spirit form, and some look like what we call animals as they come from the species’ home planet and interact with those of their fellow beings whom we have labeled as cats or cows or elephants. Some are brilliant cosmic mathematicians with a sense of humor presently living here as penguins; some are fledgling diplomats training for future postings on Earth when we have ET embassies here. In this book, these fascinating beings share their thoughts, origins, and purposes for being here.

6 x 9
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The Explorer Race Series
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Very useful


Powers describes her frequently reluctance struggle to comprehend the pain and loneliness she felt in her seemingly beautiful existence, sharing honest humor and brutal truths along the way funny shooter 2.

I am an avid fan of all the volumes that Robert has channeled


I am an avid fan of all the volumes that Robert has channeled. I have always found my answer to situations, that I have found myself in. Automatic writing, astral travel, to finding myself projected into the divine universe. Without your words, alot of this would not be understandable. Thank you for your good works. Love and Light Judy.