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The Explorer Race Series (Book 06): Explorer Race and Beyond

The Explorer Race Series (Book 06): Explorer Race and Beyond
Shapiro, Robert

In our continuing exploration of how creation works, we talk to the Creator of pure feelings and thoughts, the liquid domain, the double-diamond portal, and the other 93% of the Explorer Race.

With a better idea of how creation works, we go back to the Creator’s advisors and receive deeper and more profound explanations of the roots of the Explorer Race. The liquid domain and the double-diamond portal share lessons given to the roots on their way to meet the Creator of this universe, and finally, the roots speak of their origins and their incomprehensibly long journey here.

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The Explorer Race Series
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This book is one of the best channeling books


This book is one of the best channeling books when it comes to spiritual cosmology and metaphysics and book which gives the glimpse to infinite nature of creators and its creations.. According to this book there are almost infinite number creations and creator. This books just channels some of these few creators from various creations .Most of the channeling books discusses with various beings ,departed people, angels , spirits ,ET, ascended masters , NDE ,within this creation only and rarely touch the lot of other creators and creations . so even though from other channeled books one can get lot of information about various dimension/creation/nature of soul/after life one doesnot go beyond this creator.

But in this book super channel Robert goes much much beyond the normal channeling books and channels directly the various creators After reading this book one knows the creator(s)(God) has no end and it goes far above expanding bigger and bigger creations. There are trillions of creator and creations and much much unknown . compared to Infinity our own universe is extremely small and tiny.
The journey of us ( humanity) doesn't end with in this creator but it is meant for exploring various creations of trillions, quadrillions of all creators and creations. This book gives lot of hope that our true nature is infinite and we are (our future) not limited to just our creator but goes on and beyond.... touching infinity.

This books also discusses the role of humanity ( explorer race) in expanding this creation and once this experiment is over many creation will expand many times due to various insights , learning generated throughout human history. Role of negativity/suffering for growth of universe Reincarnation we are going are not for some punishment or balance the karma but actually to bring the discovery/many original ideas and to cause growth to the creation. This book give the glimpse to infinity, the origin of human race (explorer race) , from which creation we came from , our roots of explorer race, The books channels information from the Master ( creators) of plasmic energy, maybe , master of feelings, Synchronizer of Physical Reality and Dimensions Master of Frequencies and Octaves, Master of imaginations etc these are the consultants who helped our creator to establish the creation and this explorer . they discuss about their origin and how they are created , What is their role in human explorer race experiment , Our probable future and several questions which author (Robert Shapiro) has asked to them.

This books goes to our roots of explorer race and gets channeling from these 3 roots of explorer race. Then it goes to the creator ( Temple) of these roots, and then to being who inspired fragmentation of these root.

A must read for those who wants to expand there concepts about creation and beyond.