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The Explorer Race Series (Book 05): Particle Personalities

The Explorer Race Series (Book 05): Particle Personalities
Shapiro, Robert

All around us always are the most magical, mystical beings: the particles. We know them as physical matter, atoms, or subatomic particles, yet they consciously view the vast spectrum of reality and have a personal memory.

All around you in every moment you are surrounded by the most magical and mystical beings. They are too small, of course, for you to see as single individuals. But in groups you know them as the physical matter of your daily life. They form all of your physical life as you know it.

Particles—who might be considered either atoms or portions of atoms—consciously view the vast spectrum of reality yet also have a sense of personal memory like your own linear memory. These particles remember where they have been and what they have done in their infinitely long lives.

Particles, then, have a unique and unusual perspective. In reading this book, understand that some of them will have similar points of view, but others will have quite extraordinary and unexpected points of view. Expect the unexpected!

Some particles we hear from include:

  • Gold
  • Mountain Lion
  • The Clerk (the Model Maker)
  • Liquid Light
  • Uranium
  • Great Pyramid’s Capstone
  • This Orb’s Boundary
  • Ninth-Dimensional Fire
  • Healing Energy
  • Ice
  • and many others!
6 x 9
Book Series: 
The Explorer Race Series
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Kicking the tires of your beliefs


How many copies have I ordered for friends? At last count, about 5. However you chose to fit it into your way of understanding your life, if you are really interested in kicking the tires of your beliefs...see whether they can accommodate this.