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The Explorer Race Series (Book 02): ETs and the Explorer Race

The Explorer Race Series (Book 02): ETs and the Explorer Race
Shapiro, Robert

The next book in the famous Explorer Race series. Covers the Grays, abductions, the genetic experiment, UFO encounters, contactees, the future of our relationship with various ETs and much more.

In ETs and the Explorer Race, Robert Shapiro channels Joopah, a Zeta Reticulan now in the ninth dimension, who continues the story of the great experiment—the Explorer Race—from the perspective of his race. The Zetas would have been humanity's future selves had not humanity re-created the past and changed the future.

Fascinating information on:

  • The true nature of the Zetas
  • Abductions and contacts
  • Who the different Grays are
  • The three Zeta-human hybrid races
  • How the hybrids will interact with Earth
  • Our extraterrestrial chromosomes
6 x 9
Book Series: 
The Explorer Race Series
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Fantastic info on ET's..


Apparently the Kindle version of this & the first book in this series ('The Explorer Race') is combined & called 'The Explorer Race Books 1 & 11'). I can see why, as there are a few places where the info repeats from the first book, in the hard copy versions this is. I didn't really mind this, as it is such mind blowing info, that it needs to be a read a few times to anchor it (or I find this anyway).
A lot of ET info to do with the Greys (or in the US that might be spelled Grays?) & other ET races too. A lot to do with different dimensions & also past & future time travel - it's just all not what you think (what most seekers probably thought up to this point at least).

My avid curiosity is just drinking up these books like a parched person - if it's right timing for you, then you'll be very happy you stumbled across these amazing books, as I have :):)