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The Explorer Race Series (Book 01): The Explorer Race

The Explorer Race Series (Book 01): The Explorer Race
Shapiro, Robert

In this expansive overview, Zoosh explains, "You are the explorer race. Learn about your journey before coming to this Earth, your evolution here, and what lies ahead." Topics range from ETs and UFOs to relationships.

"You individuals reading this are truly a result of the genetic experiment on Earth. You are beings who uphold the principles of the Explorer Race. The information in this book is designed to show you who you are and give you an evolutionary understanding of your past that will help you now. The key to empowerment in these days is to not know everything about your past but to know that which will help you now.

"Your souls have been here for a while on Earth and have been trained in Earthlike conditions. This education has been designed so that you would have the ability to explore all levels of responsibility—results, effects, and consequences—and take on more responsibilities.

"Your number one function right now is your status of Creator apprentice, which you have achieved through years and lifetimes of sweat. You are constantly being given responsibilities by the Creator that would normally be things that Creator would do. The resposibility and the destiny of the Explorer Race is not only to explore, but to create."

Chapter titles:

  • The History of the Explorer Race
  • Gathering the Parts
  • The Joy, the Glory, and the Challenge of Sex
  • ET Perspectives
  • Behind the Scenes
  • Today and Tomorrow
  • The Lost Planets
  • The Heart of Humankind

For more information, visit the Explorer Race website.

6 x 9
Book Series: 
The Explorer Race Series
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Curiouser & curiouser :):)


If you are really looking for what is going on, then this book is for you.
Obviously there are levels & levels, never ending it seems! But this is a great book for, well, for just about everything…you know life, the universe & everything…this is the hard copy version of that saying!!
It is not your usual viewpoint at all. Robert Shapiro has a great gift, in his ability to channel, & is obviously trused to a high degree by all sort of benevolent beings. These beings, mainly Zoosh (a close friend & confidant to the Creator of this universe) & some other fantastic beings (from Sirius & other places), give us info that feels very bedrock. Robert asks the questions that you really want him to ask & gets down to the nitty gritty - what an incredible contribution he has made. A VERY big thank you from me :):)

You might struggle a little, depending on how solid your current belief system is, but it is so worth persevering. As Alice would say, 'curiouser & curiouser' - this book keeps opening like a flower with astounding insight after insight. Love, love, love :)

If you are a seeker, then seek on with these books - if they're what you need right now, you will be in seeker (& finder!) heaven :):)

This is a must read.


This is a must read. I have now read the first ten volumes in the series and am on vol. 11. Have also read all seven volumes of the _Shining the Light_ series, as well as _Benevolent Magic and Living Prayer_. Have the three Shamanic books but have just browsed through them. I am so VERY, VERY grateful to Robert Shapiro for channeling this material and having it published. The "Love Heat" (feeling white and gold light) practice is INCREDIBLE! Such warmth of love. It is uniting with Source, as presented by Abraham (channeled by Esther Hicks). And Benevolent Magic WORKS! It is FANTASTIC! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

This stuff is mind-blowing, witty, and a lot of fun


This stuff is mind-blowing, witty, and a lot of fun. You couldn't make this up -- it's too unique.

This book is an excellent source


If you are new to this genre of reading or if you as myself are a well seasoned reader/seeker of truth and new age (I hate that term from the negative connotations it has generated) info. This book is an excellent source. Read it and find yourself saying AH-HA time and time again! It all makes perfect sense!

I'm about halfway through


I'm about halfway through this book and already know I'll be reading it many more times. There is so much vital information here. This is the "EUREKA" text for these times. I love feeling this wide awake.

Well now we are all aware of so many new entities


Well now we are all aware of so many new entities which have entered our reality because the planet has raised its vibration. Now many of these ancient beings knew our creator God and was around when he created the this Universe. Zoosh was one of them. Explorer Race Takes Conservations with God to another level.

Of course Explorer was written earlier but this is just a good comparison because Walsh is questioning God. Robert questions Zoosh, but Zoosh speaks much more open and does not leave lots of holes open or come across like the man behind the curtain.(Wizard Of Oz)

Robert Shapiro should have recieved some kind of "Larry King" oscar award. To have the sensitiveness to ask the right questions not for the sake of one owns personal advancement, but always thinking about the world, people and "future generations" a noble endeavor. I place this book very high on the list of best New Age Books of All Time!

The book is excellent.


The book is excellent. I confirmed my experiences with an arcturian friend and her companion pleiadian. - Oneness to all living creation in the cosmos. Polarities must be mastered not controlled and avoided. According to them, I was a lemurian high priest at the time of lemurian sinking. It is a vision of sorrow. Those who are called pleased start a new vision of the world in yourself.