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The Encyclopedia of the Spiritual Path (Book 03): Beyond Ascension; How to Complete the Seven Levels of Initiation

The Encyclopedia of the Spiritual Path (Book 03): Beyond Ascension; How to Compl

This book brings forth incredible channeled material that completely demystifies the seven levels of initiation and how to attain them. It contains revolutionary information on how to anchor and open the thirty-six chakras and how to build your light quotient at a rate never dreamed possible.

A unique cosmic map that outlines the process of planetary ascension is included. The map also charts the course for full cosmic ascension through the seven cosmic planes and forty-eight dimensions of reality back to the Godhead and undifferentiated Source.

Chapters Include:

  • The Seven Levels of Initiation
  • How to Build Your Light Quotient
  • New Ascension Techniques
  • The Core Fear Matrix Removal Program
  • The Advanced Light Technologies of the Arcturians
  • The Ultimate Ascension Meditation
  • The Twenty-Four Dimensions of Reality
  • Huna Prayers
6 x 9
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I refer back to my Joshua


I refer back to my Joshua David Stone books again and again, and Beyond Ascension is no exception. I've certainly gotten my money's worth. Read the first book in this series, "The Complete Ascension Manual: How To Achieve Ascension in this Lifetime." If you resonate with that one, then continue with the rest. Reading all of Dr. Stone's Ascension Series will give you a jump start on your spiritual path. Get these books and get going!