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The Encyclopedia of the Spiritual Path (Book 01): The Complete Ascension Manual; How to Achieve Ascension in This Lifetime

The Encyclopedia of the Spiritual Path (Book 01): The Complete Ascension Manual;

Stone has gleaned the essentials from vast research as well as intuitive information and woven them into a simple and engrossing exploration of self-realization. Both practical and enlightening, this serves as a guidebook through the past and a how-to manual for ascension.

Created to be read as an overview of the spiritual path, this book explores the world’s great religions, great masters, spiritual psychology, and the ascended masters’ teachings with specific steps to accelerate the process of ascension.

Chapters Include:

  • The Monad, the Soul, and the Personality
  • God and the Cosmic Hierarchy
  • Ascension — the Sixth Initiation
  • Esoteric Psychology and the Science of the Twelve Rays
  • Mantras, Names of God, and Words of Power
  • Golden Keys to Achieving Ascension in This Lifetime
6 x 9
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The complete Ascension Manual


The complete Ascension Manual is my "Bible". I had been searching for something to read that would allow me to understand all the many paths I am exploring. If you are new to the spiritual search. I highly recommend this book. Dr. Stone's eloquent approach and wisdom is unmatch as he gives you the food you need to further your growth. I read it over three years and still go back and refer to this book constantly. What a Godsend this book was, most of the information I was seeking to learn more about was written in this book. In COmplete Ascension Manual, Dr. Stone establishes himself as a leading voice in the time of great change. He is devoted to presenting the truth and his great compassion and dedication to his path of service is evident.
This book is for all those who seek knowledge of their tru selves and are devoted to their soul growth and human evolution and want to be a part of the next stage of the growth of the universe. This book contains wonderful instructions and Ascensi

This is a great book. There


This is a great book. There is a ton of information exploring the great religions of the world and the Great Masters that have walked this Earth. It gives vital information to those on their own spiritual paths and gives easy to understand steps and daily exercises to dramatically accelerate progress.

Stone certainly achieved what


Stone certainly achieved what he set out to do- he synthesized and distilled he contents of a small new age library into a single, easy to read book. ... His pages are populated by an extraordinarily varied "zoo" of spiritual entities and higher agencies, all of whom can perform miraculous feats for us if we just ask. The "ascension mediation" at the end of the book, for example, appeals to about 60 spiritual agencies in its opening.