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Change Your Encodements, Your DNA, Your Life!

Change Your Encodements, Your DNA, Your Life!
Chapman, Cathy

The first part of this book discusses what you call love. Love is the most powerful energy. You are made of this energy, so when you learn to harness it, you can do whatever you wish to do in your life.

The second part contains powerful techniques for working with your DNA encodements. Discover how this process works so that you can make great changes in your life. Encodements will help you to do what some would call miracles.

The third part contains what some call predictions, which are nothing more than my reading and interpretation of the energy at the time when the energy was read. Predictions can be changed to have a more positive result—the point of my making predictions is so that you can change them.

Dear one, each time you begin reading, I suggest that you do the following: Breathe in and out of your heart center and set your intention to tap into the energy of the message you are reading. Ask that you be given the secrets contained within the message and ask to be shown how to implement these secrets. The powerful knowledge you hold in your hands is dormant unless you choose to use it. Have fun exploring. As you read, I will have one hand upon your heart and one hand touching your mind. I am Amma, the divine mother of divine mothers, and I am your mother.

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Cathy Chapman shares with us the wisdom of Amma


Cathy Chapman shares with us the wisdom of Amma, the divine mother of the divine mothers. We learn how to breathe from our heart center and see through the eyes of love. I found this book immensely comforting and enlightening. I read parts of it again and again. Wherever this information comes from, it is wonderful guidance. I use her suggestions every day to enrich my life. I give this book five stars. I would give six if I could.”

Finally a book that tells me


Finally a book that tells me how to do things that I really can do. I have just started changing my encodements. I have moved from living in my head to living in my heart. I have never been able to find joy in my life (largely to depression) but now I have it. Its like I have finally found myself. I am able to experience who I really am. I am very grateful.

If people could take


If people could take encodements seriously, maybe life in the 3rd dimension would be different. I think encodements need to be discussed openly so everyone has a chance to understand how they work so as to grow into his/her greatest potential thereby not only living a fulfilling life but one that enhances all aspects of being. Perhaps encodements is the real "secret" that so many are seeking.