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Voices From Other Worlds - CD

Voices From Other Worlds - CD
Kenyon, Tom

No keyboards. No electronic sounds. No backup singers. No choir. Tom Kenyon is a choir. One cut on this new CD has 44 tracks, every one another layer of his almost four-octave voice—perhaps the largest range of any male voice in the world. His remarkable ability to hear layers of harmony and sing them in perfect pitch is astounding and masterfully exercised in Voices From Other Worlds.

Drum and crystal bowl are the only acoustic instruments. There is no other consciousness involved in any Tom Kenyon CD, allowing the intention to heal through sound to permeate every aspect. Several lineages and shamanic systems are represented on this CD of original songs and music by Tom Kenyon, a true pioneer in sound healing for over 35 years. The CD is certified organic and purely acoustic from Tom Kenyon.

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