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Imaginarium - CD

Imaginarium - CD
Kenyon, Tom

For most people, contact with the imaginal usually takes place through dreams, though some experience these realms in heightened spiritual states such as during meditation, contemplation, prayer, or visions.

Science has documented the various brain states responsible for such inner experiences, and a quick look at methods for inducing these receptive states of consciousness shows one striking commonality—sound. It has been used throughout numerous cultures for thousands of years as a means both to open the doors of perception and to make contact with our inner realms of being—the imaginal.

I have composed the music of this recording with one primary goal in mind: to serve as a bridge to your own imaginal realms of being. The changes produced by this music are very complex. But fortunately, using this recording is quite simple. If you wish to explore your own imaginal realms, take some time to listen to this recording as the sole focus of your attention. Lay back, relax, close your eyes, and drift into the sounds. Let them carry you into your inner world of experience, a world that is similar but in many ways quite different from your everyday world. As many people have discovered, you may find yourself refreshed and renewed after such an inner journey.
—Tom Kenyon

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