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Blessings From Sananda - Poster

Blessings From Sananda - Poster
Deering, Hallie

This poster depicting Sananda in a vibrant burst of color will enlighten your home, office, or child's room with its message of peace on Earth.

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Deering's Depiction of Lord Sananda is Extemely Accurate!

I was stranded in a thunderstorm at a bus station and a kindly person who I had casually struck up a conversation with in ABQ when we learned we were both very spiritual. He had come to pick up someone and asked where I was going? I had to tell him the buses were canceled and I would have to stay there the night. He said no way! You are coming home with us! He'd gladly bring me back to the station in the morning.
I had to sleep in the living room but just as I was trying to get comfortable my eyes fell on this stunning painting and I was riveted! I KNEW this face! I began screaming this and asking who WAS this!? My friend ran out fearing the worst! I was pointing at the painting, totally excited and asked him to please tell me who was in this painting!?
He smiled (relieved I wasn't having a heart attack) and said it was Lord Sananda! I asked if he could please tell me where he got it and he gave me the info. I left the next day and upon reaching my destination I ordered my own painting and it has never left my side and its been over ten years! Its on my cell phone, on my computer, next to my bed and I send it to friends! And some times when you look at it you could swear there is movement!
Of all the depictions of Lord Sananda (the Arisen Jesus) this I feel strongly is the most accurate on so many levels!

Thanks so much for making this available to the spiritually awakening/awakened. I don't believe in 'coincidences' at all...

Blessings and Abundance to you, Hallie! And your Loved Ones!




Picture is exactly how I see him in dream state. Unbelievable - I had to purchase it as soon as I saw it! Thank YOU-