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Warter, Carlos

Carlos Warter

Dr. Carlos Warter is a mentor for those who wish to work on their personal growth and shift into greater spiritual awareness and understanding of global health and awareness. Through experiential research in a variety of spiritual and healing traditions, Dr. Carlos Warter has determined that healing can be accomplished by reestablishing self-identity at the center of wellness. He has published twenty books internationally in the field and worked academically and clinically with thousands of individuals.

He is the founder and president of the World Health Foundation for Development and Peace, which is an organization committed to a better quality of life, holistic health, ecological education, and public policy grounded in an altruistic perspective for public service. In addition, Dr. Carlos Warter spearheaded Heartnet International, a community of people around the world who seek to live and be connected through essence and self-actualization. Heartnet’s mission is to dissolve hatred, violence, and separation frequencies from the genetic coding of the emotional body, creating an ascended state of fusion with spirit, self, inner light, and the world. Heartnet’s goal is healing the heart of humanity, which is naturally the next step as we evolve into full conscious awareness.

Dr. Warter has coined the term “genome science,” which he defines as the effect of DNA on our thought patterns, generational history, and relationships connected to patterns in a living system. It is an approach to optimum health by means of insightful thought patterns, a skill achieved through the personal integration process (PIP). PIP is the unique method Dr. Warter developed from his deep experiential work and knowledge of psychology.

The Soul Remembers

A Parable on Spiritual Transformation

What is the purpose of human life? Who am I? What is the reality of this world I find myself in? Why do I find myself in the midst of certain troublesome circumstances? Who among us has not pondered some of these questions at times?