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The Soul Remembers

The Soul Remembers
Warter, Carlos

A Parable on Spiritual Transformation

What is the purpose of human life? Who am I? What is the reality of this world I find myself in? Why do I find myself in the midst of certain troublesome circumstances? Who among us has not pondered some of these questions at times?

On the outermost level, this book is a teaching metaphor similar to those used in all sacred traditions. But behind the parable is cosmic perspective on essence, individuality, and relationships. There is a view of human purpose, soul design, and divine direction that leads to a new look at the origin of suffering, healing, and the evolutionary dimensional shift. Through the voices of archetypes of consciousness, the book subliminally explores paths to power, love, beauty, strength, and mysticism. It moves through different dimensions of reality while simultaneously focusing on the mental, emotional, and physical aspects of life as instruments of expression that can be tuned to a higher purpose.

The Soul Remembers is the expression of a spiritual journey that has assisted thousands in their own processes of self-remembrance, encouraging them to live more deeply and become personally responsible for cocreating heaven on earth.

5.5 x 8.5
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