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Sterling, Kahu Fred

Kahu Fred Sterling

Kahu Fred Sterling is a master medium, a minister, and a messenger—a shaman of Native American ancestry who walks between the third-dimensional world of human and the boundless realms of spirit. For more than twenty years, he has been the medium for the loving light and wisdom of Kirael, a master spirit guide. As founder and senior minister of the Honolulu Church of Light, a nontraditional spiritualist church, he shines his own love and light on both a local congregation and a blossoming international community of lightworkers that reach around the world via the Internet.


Kryon and Kirael in Austria 2004 - DVD

This DVD contains the second video of a Kryon channeling ever released. Lee Carroll, Jan Tober, Kahu Fred Sterling, and the entire international Kryon team hosted a comprehensive two-day event in the beautiful city of Salzburg, Austria. The highlight of the event was presented on Sunday evening when Lee Carroll and Kahu Fred Sterling channeled Kryon and Kirael side-by-side. This DVD represents that Sunday night event.