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Clark, Gladys Iris

Gladys Iris Clark

Gladys Iris Clark was born in 1895. She moved to Sedona, Arizona, late in her life and taught The Keys of Enoch at her home there. She was associated with the Academy of Future Science and a consistently published New Age writer.
About moving to Sedona, she writes, “When I first arrived at Sedona in 1981, I was captivated by a powerful vortex around Airport Hill. To be specific, it was at Rainbow Focus where a New Age festivity was taking place. I had come from Santa Barbara, California, where I expected to be settled for the rest of my life and where ashes of my spouse of sixty-two years are scattered. On my return home to Santa Barbara, I just had to pack up and move to Sedona, regardless! Here I was meeting and enjoying knowing my kind of people: New Agers!"

Forever Young

You Can Create a Longer, Younger Life

Viewing a lifetime that spans nearly a century, a remarkable woman shares the secrets she has gleaned from her world travels and spiritual journey.