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Brodsky, Eric and Angel

Eric and Angel Brodsky

Eric M. Brodsky is the founder of The Universal One Foundation,
a non-profit organization that is dedicated to transforming the universe with Love.

Eric has traveled worldwide, sharing loving messages that have resulted in great joy and happiness to thousands of people.

These Universal messages blossomed through his personal commitment to transmuting fear with love and faith. As the flow increased in Eric, so did the messages to be shared.

Meditations With An Angel - CD

This amazing CD has seven tracks, totaling approximately 1 hour of relaxing meditation.


A captivating book of inspirational poetry, this follow up to the first book guides the reader to greater clarity about everyday life. There are 55 new topics that have greater depth than the first book, yet maintain the simplicity and play that has brought praise to this series.


An inspirational poetry book of 57 capsulated topics, which guide readers of virtually every age and belief system, with Universal truths. This highly acclaimed book offers readers guidance to finding peace and happiness in their lives. The content is formatted in a clear concise manner where each page is a topic.