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Sedona Journal of Emergence September 2000

Sedona Journal of Emergence September 2000

"You do not need to use or have assistance of anything outside your own heart. The miracles continue to unfold because your heart has expressed a desire to experience fulfillment as a vehicle or channel of universal love in the form of a healer." -Mother Earth (Gaia) through Pepper Lewis

"Love. What is it really, this love? Well, love is just another name for the Goddess/God/All That Is. Love is the glue that holds the universe, indeed the multiverses, together. Love means no separation. Love is whole and complete in and of itself, and it requires no return whatsoever. Love is the truth of you!" -P'taah through Jani King

"Destiny can be defined as the end to which all unrestrained forces lead. An aim of astrology is to help one become master of his own destiny. Lacking this mastery, fate largely determines the part we play in the scheme of things." -Barbara Shere

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