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Sedona Journal of Emergence May 2009

Sedona Journal of Emergence May 2009

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Table of Contents

* Avery, Frankie Z: OMA, The Right Questions
* Carroll, Lee: Kryon, Choices for 2009
* Chapman, Cathy: Amma, The Right Time to Dismantle Old Encodements
* Chandran, Rae: Various, Awaken with Power Symbols
* DeVoe, Daniele: Sarrinn, the Ancients and the Brotherhood of Light, The Mind
* Gervais, Carolyn: Higher Self, Is Your Perception of God Holding You Hostage?
* Herman, Ronna: Archangel Michael, Shine Your Light, Share Your Wisdom
* Kingdon, Kathlyn: Djwhal Khul, Spiritual Evolution
* Lewis, Pepper: Gaia, Solutions for a Small Planet
* Miller, David K.: Various, The Arcturian Stargate
* Rota, Miriandra: Expanded Consciousness, You Are Being Called to Come Forth
* Rother, Steve: The group, Re-minders from Home
* Selacia: Council of 12, The Unique Window
* Shapiro, Robert: The Psychologist, Spiritual Rx for Anxiety and Bipolar Disorders
* Sterling, Kahu Fred: Kirael, Ninety Seconds of Life
* Tyberonn, James: Archangel Metatron, The Alchemy of Phi Crystals
* Ward, Alexandra: Golden Arrow, The Levels of Healing
* Watson, Maurene: New Ascended Masters, The Divine Map of the Omni Cell


* Canull, Kelly, Aim for Love
* Moore, Tom T., A Most Benevolent Spiritual Path


* Crabb, Kathy, Learning Curves
* Karén, Michelle, Back to the Good Old Ways
* mar de luz, The Quality of Mercy
* Smith, Rhonda, Introspection and Self-Evaluation


* Antenucci, Mary Ann, Essences of Nature: Now Is the Time to Take Your Stand
* Cox, Lynne, Self-Discovery Activities for Children: Cuckoo Clock Adventure
* Konovitch, Annie, Feng Shui: Current Applications of Ancient Wisdom
* Malonie, Kim, The Animal Whisperer
* May 2009 - New and Notable Books
* Romanoff, Katia and Lauri Quinn Lowenberg, The Dream Zone
* Sparrow, Rochelle, Ask Rochelle

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