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Sedona Journal of Emergence March 2002

Sedona Journal of Emergence March 2002

“My energy is just like yours: It’s angelic, yet it’s part physics and part love. And that, dear Human Being, is also the energy at the heart and the center of every atom in the universe. It’s not a dichotomous situation, since both belong together, intertwined. For it was the love of God that created the planet . . . all
the spiritual and physical attributes together.”
—Kryon through Lee Carroll

“It is just as easy for the body to heal itself as harm itself. It depends upon what an individual will choose and on which level of consciousness the choice will be made. Awake or at rest, the body’s intelligence system will always seek to enhance itself for your benefit. Only in extreme cases, when an individ-ual completely neglects the body, the mind and the path, will the meridian system begin to falter
and eventually shut down.”
—Mother Earth (Gaia) through Pepper Lewis

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