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Sedona Journal of Emergence June 2002

Sedona Journal of Emergence June 2002

“I began by speaking of the miracles and asking you to contemplate the true nature of the miracles that are to come. You will see your planet come to the precipice of destruction and then sail across the great chasm into the new dimension. It matters not how you view ascension, it matters not what interpretation you choose to engage in; what matters is that the miracle is at hand.”
—Laiolin through Judith Moore

“It will be up to you, the light warriors of peace, to use this great gift of reunification for the highest good of all. Accept the gift that your Father Earth offers you and become an advocate and champion for the health and welfare of the Earth. Thank and honor your Mother Earth for the great sacrifices she has made for all of you over the many ages. Affirm and decree that you will join others in a campaign to heal your planet and return it to its lush, pristine beauty.”
—Archangel Michael through Ronna Herman

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